How can you spot a gas line leak

Gas is very useful on a daily basis to help you heat, cook, light the fireplace,… its many possibilities are possible thanks to the piping system present in your house. But sometimes these pipes need to be reviewed to avoid any leaks that would be dangerous for you and your whole family. We will get you together on how can you spot a gas line leak.

1 / You can spot a leak by the smell
Gas leaks can be identified quite easily. The gas in your home will smell like a rotten egg that will fry you very quickly, the stronger the smell the closer you will be to the leak. However, if the smell is too strong, get out of the house and call a plumber to fix it, it may be too dangerous to check it yourself.

2 / If the leak is outside the grass will change color
If a hose has a leak outside your home, it can be found quite easily if your grass has changed color. A hose that has been leaking for some time will release enough gas to kill the plants and grass around it. In this case, call a plumber so he can assess the problem and fix it.

3 / Check the joins often
Leakage problems often appear at the joint, and more rarely at the pipe itself. You will, therefore, have to check the joints of your pipes to see if they are still well fixed if you need to tighten a little or replace an excessively worn part. Depending on the size of your house and your use of gas it can take some time, to help you keep a map of your house’s pipes to go faster.

4 / Make checks if you go to your second home
Not using gas often can make your home’s gas pipes less secure. The join can be damaged by time or bad weather. Take special care when you return to your second home to check everything before you start to reuse the gas. In the event of a problem, it is best to contact a plumber to carry out repairs.

5 / Be careful if there have been recent renovations
Renovations in your home can damage some pipes. It is very easy to forget checking the condition of the pipes after having made renovations or enlargements, but some shocks can impact the gas pipes which can lead to a leak.

6 / Check your gas pipes after the bad weather
A hurricane or even a severe storm can damage your gas pipes, which is why you need to make sure the walls and pipes are in good condition after each severe weather event. It will depend on your location, but regular checks will reduce the risk of leakage and you will be able to strengthen the most fragile points in your house, and in the event of a leak, call a plumber.

7 / Make regular checks at home by a professional
It can be difficult to see the condition of your house yourself, especially if you have just moved in and are not comfortable controlling everything. In this case, you can call a professional who will help you to see if your house is at risk of leakage or not. In any case, it is better to let a professional repair your gas pipes if there is a risk.

There are many things to check to make sure your home is safe. Although you can try to find out for yourself whether your house is leaking or not, it is better to leave this work to a professional and in case there is indeed a leak, he can fix the situation.

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