How to install a fireplace?



The fireplace is the heart of the house, a place where people meet to warm up and share family moments. This is the reason why more and more people want a fireplace, to reconstruct this historically family-friendly place. However, fireplaces have evolved a lot since their inception, just as homes and regulations have become more stringent. The modes of combustion to power the fireplaces have also greatly diversified, wood and coal are no longer the only ones and gas fireplaces are more popular than ever. So, in all this turmoil, how to install a fireplace to enjoy the best moments with your family.


Choose the type of fireplace

All fireplaces must be tailor-made, because the shape of your house, apartment or garden is unique. Once you have an idea of ​​where to place your fireplace, you also have to think about the type of fuel, because all fuels are not equal: wood, coal, electric, propane, natural. You will need to choose the appropriate one for your final decision.


Think about maintenance

As we said before, there are many types of fuel that do not have the same properties, for example, natural gas heats faster than electric, but it is not only what it must think. Maintenance plays an important role in the durability of your fireplace, if wood is the fuel that has been used the longest in history, it comes from the fact that there was no other possibility. Today natural gas fireplaces offer greatly facilitated maintenance and excellent durability.


What is the cost in the long run?

Once you have reviewed all of your needs and compared the various advantages and disadvantages of fireplaces, you will ask yourself the price question. Be careful with fake bargains, if at first glance some fireplaces seem to be cheaper, the cost of fuel can quickly drive up prices. For example, the price of electricity rises significantly year after year, but gas remains cheaper if we compare fireplaces with built-in use.


As you have seen, choosing a fireplace is not just a choice of model, but a more complex choice. Despite everything, the type of fireplace that stands out remains the gas fireplaces, which are easier to maintain and cheaper over time, while emitting very pollution. If you want more information on the installation and prices of fireplaces, contact us, we will answer all your questions for free and we will help you make the best fireplace for you.

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