How to Maintain Your Natural Gas Lines?

If you have gas pipes in your home you will be responsible for maintaining them. The best way to maintain your gas lines is to take a proactive approach and detect the points that should be corrected before problems arise. If you have a problem call us so that we can help you solve your gas line problems.


1 / Taking a look at your line and asking help when needed

The majority of your gas lines will be visible, so you usually won’t have to put too much effort to find leaks. If you find that the pressure of your gas is not strong enough try to follow the pipe and see if there is a peculiar smell (a bit like sulfur). The hoses are generally quite strong but do not apply any product that could damage the hose, such as some corrosive cleaning products. Instead, use a damp cloth if you need to clean your pipes.


2 / Checking them after floods for any rust sign on the pipe

If you’ve recently had a flood in your home, be sure to check your gas lines, especially those that have been in contact with water, to see if no damage has been done. If your hoses are still underwater, check for bubbles are rising, as this could indicate a leak.


3 / See in the summer if the pipe has no cracks

You will need to keep an eye on your gas pipes in summer, especially during hot weather. Steel pipes can expand due to heat and create cracks which can lead to gas leaks. So be careful with gas pipes outside, especially if they are exposed to the sun all day.


4 / Check for winter if the pipe has no sign of corrosion

Winter is a particularly wet time, and your gas pipes can suffer. The major risk during this season is the corrosion of the gas pipes. Pipes that are corroded are more brittle and therefore more likely to fracture later. Some paints can help prevent this, but not all paints are suitable, contact us for more information.


5 / See if you need to change your older brass connectors

See if you need to change your old brass connectors. These connectors have serious faults and can cause problems with leakage or even explosion. Although the production of these connectors was stopped 20 years ago, some houses still have them. If you think your home has one give us a call to change that.


6 / Never hang anything on a pipe

 Gas can escape from any breach in the pipes, this is my reason why it is very important not to exert pressure on it so as not to deform the pipes or allow the gas to escape.


PS: If you are not a professional, do not touch your gas pipes yourself, it can be particularly dangerous. If you need help, give us a call! (561) 306-3878.

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