Uses for Natural Gas in the Home


Natural gas is a useful alternative for energy in the home, with more uses than you may have previously thought. Here are just a few of the ways you can use natural gas in your home to create a more comfortable life.


Efficient Hot Water Systems

Natural gas can be a cheaper alternative to electrical water systems, as well as a more environmentally friendly option. Even though natural gas is a fossil fuel, it burns cleaner and releases fewer amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than does burning coal.

Hot water on-demand natural gas systems are also available. In specific scenarios, these systems could reduce natural gas usage and cost by a considerable amount.


Cooking with Natural Gas

Many cooks prefer natural gas cooking because it provides more accurate temperature control, but that’s not the only benefit. Natural gas stovetops are also able to produce more heat for less cost due to natural gas’s ability to provide heat much faster than electrical elements.


Cooling Your Home

Gas-powered air conditioners aren’t widely accepted in the marketplace due to their higher installation costs, but they are available and could be an option for more people soon. 

The rising cost of electricity, coupled with the increasing availability and lower prices of natural gas, may make gas air conditioners an economically viable alternative in the not too distant future.


Easy to Start Fireplaces

You can have all the charm and warmth of a cozy fireplace without the expense of firewood, or the hassle of setting up the fire and lighting it. A natural gas fireplace gives you a lot more control over the amount of heat the fire generates. Plus, they are easy to get going, and natural gas logs can look as good as the real thing without all the clean up afterward.

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