Why a Fireplace Can Strengthen Family Ties



A fireplace in your home is a nod back to a simpler time, a time when TVs or smartphones could not rudely interrupt a conversation with their incessant vibrations and cold, glowing screens. The warm glow of a crackling fire is a welcoming beacon, where families can gather to create lasting memories and forge unbreakable bonds.


The Allure of a Fireplace Backed By Science

The soft, flickering glow of a fireplace are some of the most comforting images we see, which is probably why cozy fireplaces feature so heavily on Christmas cards. It’s not just fanciful imagination, as the relaxing feeling which wraps around people as they bask in the warmth of a fire while watching the flickering flames is scientifically measurable.

Our blood pressure drops, our moods improve, and we become more relaxed. These good feelings produced by nothing more than the glow of a warm fire are naturally conducive to friendly, social gatherings families can enjoy night after night, or at least while winter has a firm grasp on the countryside.


A Fireplace Can Strengthen Family Traditions

Fires have provided gathering places for people for centuries, or even thousands of years. You could say the allure of a fireplace is buried deep within our DNA, going all the way to back to when ancient tribes would relax around the fire after a day of hunting while watching the spoils of the day roast tantalizingly over the hot, glowing coals.

The fire would have kept these ancient gatherings safe, secure, fed, and warm, and lasting friendships would have been forged.

We all feel the physical pull of a warm cozy fire, even more so during special holidays when families traditionally come together. The relaxed, social atmosphere created when families gather around the fireplace imprints lasting memories. As children grow and fly the nest, it’s the times of laughter, fun, and games they had around the fireplace with their beloved family that will remain with them always.


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