Is 2021 a good year for gas?


Gas is one of the most widely used natural resources in some regions to power homes and businesses. Although gas prices do not usually fluctuate too much, 2020 will have been quite eventful and has greatly impacted its price on the stock markets. There remains a question to be seen, will the year 2021 be a good year for natural gas or not?


2020 an eventful year for gas


2020 was an atypical year for gas for several reasons. First of all, the relatively mild temperatures in some regions lead to less use of gas, but we must also take into account the price war around the sale of fossil fuels between the major producing countries such as Russia and Arabia. Arabia had a significant impact. However, it was the coronavirus that had the biggest impact on the price of gas. The quarantines have drastically changed the use of gas, especially for businesses, which has led to a significant drop in its consumption and therefore in the price.


What is the future for the price of gas in 2021


It remains difficult to accurately assess what will happen to the price of gas, as it will depend on the evolution of the coronavirus and the measures that states will take to deal with it. If the coronavirus mutates into a different form that is more difficult to combat, it is possible that different states will take similar measures to what has been seen so far and that the price will remain impacted by this. You also have to see the evolution of the fossil fuel price war and the evolution of temperatures which also influence the way people use gas.


An impact on the price of the purchase of gas for individuals


It is likely that despite all this the purchase prices for gas individuals remain similar to previous years. Nevertheless, it is likely that the reopening of businesses such as bars and restaurants will increase demand quite quickly and therefore the price of gas, although this is not yet confirmed, the change would remain quite low for individuals and impact plus the price of buying gas on the stock exchange. For individuals, the price should remain a little higher in winters and go down when the weather is warmer.


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