What are the common causes of pipeline explosion

The pipelines carrying your gas are thought to be as safe as possible, but human error or natural disaster can always damage them which can lead to leaks that can cost you money, make your heating system inefficient, or even put you in danger.


The installation of the pipeline

The installation of the gas pipes is a major step that should not be neglected because they must be easily accessible to check that everything is in order while remaining as discreet as possible on a daily basis. Hi-Tech Gas specializes in the installation of gas pipes and we will make sure that all safety rules are followed for total safety.


Interior work

Interior work must be done by professionals to avoid any perforation of the gas pipes which may not be visible at first sight, but which could endanger you later. To avoid these inconveniences which can be very expensive, it is better to hire professionals for your interior work.


The quality of products and professionals

The recent cold spells show how temperatures can fluctuate from season to season. To ensure optimal gas flow in your home, it is recommended to hire certified professionals who use the best material for you and thus prevent the welds from exploding in cold weather, for example.



It is recommended to carry out regular maintenance of your gas pipes to make sure that the standards are always respected, that the equipment used is not damaged, or that the potential places where there could be leaks are corrected. Hi-Tech Gas is a specialist in all your gas pipes for quality and increased longevity.

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