Why do top chefs prefer cooking with gas stove than anything else?

1.Response speed.

The best advantage of a gas stove is the fast reaction time. A gas stove reacts right away after it is ignited, whereas an electric stove takes several minutes to reach the same temperature. In addition, the gas stove also cools faster and allowing you to turn boiling to simmering in a short time. This control is super important when cooking delicate foods like sauces. For some sauce, staying too hot for too long can mean a failure of a perfectly creamy consistency and streamline.


2.Easy to control and operate.

As well as the response speed, the gas range is also more controllable. Of the professional chefs surveyed, 72 percent said greater control over temperature was one of the main reasons for their preference. With an electric burner, sometimes you have to move the pan away from the burner to help the food cool faster, but with gas, you don’t, making it a more convenient option.


3.Easy to cleaning

If you’ve ever cooked on an electric stove, you’re probably no stranger to the stubborn chaos they cause. If it’s electric, you’ll either have to clean a bulky, ugly stove or use a special cleaning agent to scrub food debris from a flat hearth and try not to scratch the surface. Again, natural gas is a winner. When you use a gas stove, all you have to do is remove the steel grille and wipe away the crumbs and food.


What type of stove do you use for cooking?


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