Why is gas a reliable source of energy in Florida?

Natural gas provides a reliable energy source for 70,000 businesses and homes across Florida. Why? It’s cleaner burning than other fossil fuels – it releases less carbon dioxide into the air. And natural gas is often much cheaper to use than electricity or propane because of its low cost relative to those alternatives.

Natural gas provides reliability. It’s used to power backup generators and other equipment and generates electricity that maintains the grid’s reliability when solar-generated energy isn’t available.

Moreover, natural gas provides redundancy, which is especially important with increased solar power. Because renewable energy is an intermittent energy source dependent upon weather conditions, natural gas-generated electricity is used to maintain the electricity supply’s reliability on the grid and be used to power backup generators and other equipment.

In addition, gas has been providing energy to Floridians since 1924. It’s safe, clean, and reliable. The $317 million in annual tax revenue it generates supports schools, law enforcement, and other important government services for all of our communities. 44,000 new jobs are created each year as a result of gas production in Florida alone!

The future of energy is cleaner, more reliable natural gas. Why? It’s the safest way to heat your home or cook your food because it doesn’t release emissions into the environment as other fuels do. As a Florida utility company, we’re committed to delivering safe, affordable natural gas across our state- making us an essential part in realizing that clean energy future with you.

Florida has a lot to offer. The Sunshine State provides excellent weather, world-class entertainment and attractions, excellent shopping opportunities–and most importantly, reliable natural gas service from Hitech Gas that can power your home or business. Explore our website today to find out how you can get connected!

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